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His Royal Highness Prince Frederick & c.
Painted at Hanover by Mr. Fountain, 1723 J. Smith fect
Sold by J. Smith at the Lyon & Crown in Russel Street Covent Garden
This is a very fine strike of the 16 year old Prince of Wales sporting armor, ermine and an elaborate wig.
The print is set in a period style carved, sand gilt and black painted frame by Perry Hopf.
About an inch margin, the print is in fine condition with a slight birm crossing the Prince at chest level.
England, 1723

Engraving on laid paper   11 by 15 1/2 inches, print size.   $975        More info >>


" The Sleepy Congregation" ... It would appear the celebrant has little regard for the suspended sandglass timer as he examines the Book of Matthew... the oddly positioned lavender gowned maiden is dreaming of matrimony and the deacon seems to be paying close attention to something other than his text... a full communion service is propped up in the background... just one of many dramatic details. William Hogarth invented this scene along with hundreds of others becoming the most copied (no pun intended) engraver of his time. This strike was printed for Carrington Bowles, next to the Chapter House in St. Pauls Church Yard, London. 18th century.
Condition: Professionally cleaned and deacidified, edge repair especially near bottom right. Original red stained frame and backboard kept separate by an acid free mat board.
" When Dulness mounts the Sacred Rostrum, And deals about his sleepy nostrum; Is there an eye awake can keep? No - All submissive nod to Sleep.

Engraved print on chain-laid paper   12 1/2 by 16 1/2 inches framed   $1900        More info >>



Portrait print of William III, King of England ...etc. In a period carved frame. Petrus Schenck, Amsterdam. Excellent condition. Dutch, 18th c.

Mezzotint   8 in. by 11.5 in.   $1650        More info >>


Box 174, Edwardsville, IL 62025    603.498.5009