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Oill on Canvas   32.75 X 38 inches framed....   $7800        More info >>


Italian Princess of Mantua, Duchess of Montferrat. 1609-1660. Daughter of Francesco IV... granddaughter of Eleanora de Medici... you get the picture. She served as regent of Mantua on behalf of her son Charles, 1637-1647, which is probably when this portrait was painted. I know there is at least one other copy, which I believe is part of the state archives and possibly the prototype. Given the importance of her role in the War of Mantuan Succession- I'm sure more than a few likenesses of the princess were commissioned for the homes of her loyal subjects. This rendering has helpful information painted on either side of the family crest in spandrels below her image... just in case someone forgot who was in charge.
The portrait has been cleaned and lined, and retains the original stretcher. The 18th century frame is the one it came with; very costly and in very fine condition.
Italian ca. 1640

Oil on Canvas   34 in. by 44 1/2 in. framed size   $7500        More info >>


Painted Pine and Glass      $6800        More info >>


I would be happy to be wrong... but I suspect that this is one of those objects that a 21st century blacksmith would not be able to replicate. It is a tour de force in iron manipulation with great dimensional quality. Used to hang tools or game birds... or both.
Very good antique condition; two curly-ques missing... it has superb patina.
European, ca. 1700-30

Wrought Iron   20 inches wide, 19 inches tall   $975        More info >>


paint decorated molded plaster      $5200        More info >>



      $        More info >>


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