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In the 18th century, when this was crafted, the wall box was as indispensable as the refrigerator is today. Given that houses in this period was bereft of tyvec and teminix... it was absolutely necessary to keep anything of interest to small mammals high up. This fine example has both sculptural simplicity and much evidence of use over the last two hundred years. It is worn. Bits are missing. Some of the rose-head nails have lost their bloom... and there seems to be evidence of red stain over red paint- with a healthy coat of grunge. A crack in the lollipop has been repaired with a nail and some of the wrought nails have been exposed through expansion. It looks, as it should, having descended through two centuries. Given that it is white pine- I would say it was crafted in New England in the later part of the 18th century.

White Pine, wrought nails and red stain.   9.75 tall, 7.75 wide & 8 deep   $975        More info >>


Iron Pipe Tongs: Very finely wrought, excellent surface. Each handle element has a curl at terminus- and the tension bar has a slight flip. The "tamper" is the pivot point and shows slight hammer marks on the end of the tenon. The "pick" serves as a fulcrum guide, is slightly bent, but it works quite well. Neither penny is round- both very worn- but complete.
A very fine example of 18th c. New England iron work.

18th c. American. 20.5 in. long, 4 in. wide.

Wrought iron, Blacksmith made   inches: 21 long, 4 wide   $2400        More info >>


I have read that the decline of heavy pewter mugs in the tavern scene coincided with the rise of lighter brews. Go figure. This tavern pot has a tapered drum- shaped body and a hollow cast handle with a tongued thumbrest. This exact pot is pictured in
"Pewter of Great Britain: For Pleasure and Investment" by Christopher Arthur Peal, pg. 189.... just in case you want to read all about pewter pleasure and profit.
Good antique condition with compression marks on handle and body.
Marked "WH" for William Hogg of Newcastle, England. The marks can be seen in image number 4.
c. 1760-1810

Pewter   5 3/4 inches tall   $365        More info >>


Nice 19th century domestic relic. Fig shaped bowl with a simple handle. Back side of handle punch decorated with date "1874"
Excellent condition and fine patina.
American, dated 1874

Wrought Iron with punch decoration   7 inches long   $160        More info >>


18th century eyeglasses marked "Hyde".
Good antique condition; bent as shown in images.

Steel and glass   4 1/2 inches wide   $395        More info >>


Tradition holds that this fine tobacco box was recovered from the Thames River by a mud lark. It definitely was excavated as the iron pin fixing the top to the bottom has disintegrated. the octagonal box is decorated all around; the bottom with circular devices and fronds, the top with a city-scape of city of Delft. Engraved "Delft" on the top above buildings, two windmills and dike, etc.
Very good antique condition. Top is fixed with an old pin. Interior and exterior surface having mottled patination.
Dutch, ca. 1740

Brass with engraving   5 1/2 inches long, 2 1/4 inches deep, 1 1/4 inches tall   $975        More info >>


17th century doll house andirons from Holland. Elaborate and complex wrought iron with scroll feet supporting a square shaped shaft, two spit hooks topped by a compressed ball finial. Excellent antique condition. Dutch. ca. 1680

Wrought Iron   7 3/16 inches tall, 5 inches deep   $1500        More info >>


L-R: 18th century English white molded porcelain handle mounted to a steel blade with metal cuff below blade guard; good condition. 18th c. porcelain knife with Chinoiserie decorated handle (orange, red, pale blue and green) mounted to steel blade with a banded metal cuff; blade much worn two cracks on handle. 17th c. Venetian flesh fork, hammered brass handle over wood affixed to shaft with a shaped iron cuff; fine antique condition, wear and compression marks on handle. 18th c. Polychrome porcelain knife handle (red oxide, pale blue) decorated with flowers, bird and an Asian figure holding an umbrella fixed to a steel blade with molded metal cuff; blade marked with initials and a stylized griffin; minor crescent shaped hairline on handle near cuff.

Porcelain, brass, steel...   10.5 inches longest, 8.25 inches smallest   $1125        More info >>


Carved burl bowl with deep rich patination and complex burl figuring. 19th century. Some wear and 4 tight lines between figuring.

   5 in. dia. 3 in. tall   $645        More info >>


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