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Early Lighting


Brass      $1100        More info >>


Tinned sheet iron.      $795        More info >>


Sheet iron, glass   inches: 15 tall, 11 wide, 4.5 deep   $1475        More info >>


Finely cast and finished brass      $1100        More info >>


Elegant double font fat lamp. Scroll shaped tripod base, each leg having chamfered sides below an octagonal disk having 8 raised nubs; diamond shaped decoration at base of shaft below an oval tension ring terminating in a rat-tail hook; the oblique shaped double font held in place with an integral tubular guide.
British or European ca. 1700-20.
Significant wear to all surfaces; excellent state of preservation with untouched overall patination.

Wrought Iron   16.75 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide   $1265        More info >>


American. 19th century. Reflector sconce with 13 molded bosses. Four pieces of tin comprise the back and surround; sheet iron arm with folded edge soldered to a crimped drip pan; slotted candle socket with folded rim. Glazing affixed with resin composition. Flared tab on back with folded edges for reinforcement soldered to back for hanging.
Very good antique condition. Rust and patination overall. Glass appears to be original.

Sheet Iron, pewter and glass   9.5 inches diameter   $3900        More info >>


Footed Candlestick. Square rimmed base with paw feet and incised circles. Good condition, slight tilt. European, 18th c.

Brass   6 inches tall. Base: 5 1/2 square   $795        More info >>


Mirrored Wall Sconce. Carved pine with gesso/gilt decoration. Shaped iron candle arm with a taper size socket attached to the mouth of the carved creature at the bottom... a lion, I think. Original mirror plate... which no doubt reflected more light two hundred years ago than it does now. Elegant and fanciful. English, 18th century.
Condition: Good antique condition. loss to gilt and cracks.

carved pine...   24 in. tall, 13 in. wide   $1400        More info >>


Box 174, Edwardsville, IL 62025    603.498.5009