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An underglaze blue and white plate. SEE "RECENT FINDS"
**The kraak procelain originated from the kilns of Jingdezhen territory in China between 1580-1640 A.D. Produced during the reign of Emperor Wan-li (1573-1620 A.D.) until Emperor Tien-chi (1621 – 1627 A.D.), the blue-white porcelain was used to make daily utensils such as bowls, cups, saucers and plates. Some were also made into wash basins and big serving plates. Made using moulds, this porcelain was thin and decorated with blue cobalt underneath the glaze. Kraak porcelain was at its of production during the first quarter of the 17th century but declined with the downfall of the Ming Dynasty. Decorated with sceneries of water birds, trees and rocks, the paintings were usually done with thick lines and divided into 8 to 12 panels.

Underglaze blue and white   8 inch diameter   $595        More info >>


German stoneware jug with raised decoration and cobalt blue coloring. Shards of this pottery have been found in every American archeological site prior to 1750.. Exellent condition. Westerwald, Germany, ca. 1690.

Stoneware with cobalt blue decoration   inches:   $2300        More info >>


This delft dish is drawn in manganese and decorated in dark and light blue. Rim to rim decoration depicting an Asian figure lounging against a rock, thin shallow foot rim and two fine light blue lines encircling the decorative scene.
Fine antique condition; chips to edges, no cracks, no hairlines or restoration.
London, ca. 1700

Maganese and cobalt decorated tin-glazed eartenware   8 1/2 inches diameter, 1/2 in tall   $795        More info >>


This serving dish has a molded pattern of flowers and vines, polychromatic decoration of flowers centered by a bird clinging to a branch.
New Hall Porcelain.
Worked by several partners at Shelton from c.1781-1835
1781-1812: Hard-paste porcelain ware.
1812-1835: Standard English bone china.
English. 19th century
Condition: superb

Hard-paste Porcelain   8 by 7.75 inches   $295        More info >>


The taverns in Colonial America served many alcoholic concoctions, flip, punch, grog, and my favorites...bounce and sling!
I don't have a really good recipe for bounce, but I suspect every tavern keeper had his own secret punch mixture of spirits, citrus, spices, sugar and water. Sharing a bowl like the one pictured here, and I mean passing it around and drinking from the same vessel, was considered polite... and the liquid salutations could last awhile... everyone was toasted; the King, the pretty barmaid, dead war heroes and the like. I made a thoughtful toast at a recent birthday and my friend seemed embarrassed by the compliment... perhaps it was because I was the only one drinking spirits! Everyone else had a diet coke. I frankly don't care who reads these descriptions... but I feel quite certain diet coke will never "rise to the occasion" of cementing the bonds of friendship!
This beautiful bowl was made in either London or Bristol around 1740. The decoration is quite similar to a pair of flower bricks at Historic Deerfield.
Condition: Excellent antique condition. Some glaze loss on the rim and three smudges made by the artisan while decorating exterior.

Tin-glazed earthenware   4 1/2 inches tall. 10 1/2 inches diameter   $1975        More info >>


I have a splendid friend named Ione, who dips an elegant pen into a small jar of ink and transfers her vast knowledge to paper. The rewarding symbiotic nature of the process far outweighs the possibility of making a mess... her pen makes noise...which to me signifies the end of an intellectual process that allows not for editing. My laptop is far too quiet... and my spell check contains only a third of the words Ione knows!
This blue and white decorated inkwell has the original font. The well is decorated with a multitude of foliate sprigs resembling fern branches and budding flowers and the overall shape is a three leaf clover. The font has a band of simple dashes spinning around the edge. Continental. ca. 1730-1760
Condition: Excellent antique condition with some glaze loss on the edges of both the well and font.
Ex. Shelley Collection

Tin-glazed eartenware   4 inches wide, 2 inches tall   $850        More info >>


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