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Ceramics:  Punch Bowl
The taverns in Colonial America served many alcoholic concoctions, flip, punch, grog, and my favorites...bounce and sling!
I don't have a really good recipe for bounce, but I suspect every tavern keeper had his own secret punch mixture of spirits, citrus, spices, sugar and water. Sharing a bowl like the one pictured here, and I mean passing it around and drinking from the same vessel, was considered polite... and the liquid salutations could last awhile... everyone was toasted; the King, the pretty barmaid, dead war heroes and the like. I made a thoughtful toast at a recent birthday and my friend seemed embarrassed by the compliment... perhaps it was because I was the only one drinking spirits! Everyone else had a diet coke. I frankly don't care who reads these descriptions... but I feel quite certain diet coke will never "rise to the occasion" of cementing the bonds of friendship!
This beautiful bowl was made in either London or Bristol around 1740. The decoration is quite similar to a pair of flower bricks at Historic Deerfield.
Condition: Excellent antique condition. Some glaze loss on the rim and three smudges made by the artisan while decorating exterior.

Tin-glazed earthenware  4 1/2 inches tall. 10 1/2 inches diameter  $1975



Box 174, Edwardsville, IL 62025    603.498.5009