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Recent Finds:  Kraak Porcelain Plate
An underglaze blue and white plate, decorated in Kraak style, the center with a cricket perched on a rock amongst flowers, enclosed by a border of alternating panels flowers and symbols. Wanli reign: 1573-1620. Small size. Superb condition.
**The kraak procelain originated from the kilns of Jingdezhen territory in China between 1580-1640 A.D. Produced during the reign of Emperor Wan-li (1573-1620 A.D.) until Emperor Tien-chi (1621 – 1627 A.D.), the blue-white porcelain was used to make daily utensils such as bowls, cups, saucers and plates. Some were also made into wash basins and big serving plates. Made using moulds, this porcelain was thin and decorated with blue cobalt underneath the glaze. Kraak porcelain was at its of production during the first quarter of the 17th century but declined with the downfall of the Ming Dynasty. Decorated with sceneries of water birds, trees and rocks, the paintings were usually done with thick lines and divided into 8 to 12 panels.

Underglaze blue and white  8 inch diameter   $595



Box 174, Edwardsville, IL 62025    603.498.5009